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Linda K. Gonding, Travel Agent - Owner  


Travel has always been an important part of our family’s lifestyle.  Like many others, we dedicated ourselves to our careers realizing that our efforts were a means by which we could earn the right to live life at it’s fullest.  My ability to coordinate and plan events and travel itineraries for us as a couple and for family and friends permitted the ability to maintain the balance of priorities in life and build memories that will live on through generations.  My love of travel directed me to utilize my years of developed administrative and program management skills toward a new career.  In March of 2006, I pursued formal travel development training and in October of 2006, I established business plans and resource associations that permit me the ability to work with people toward the determination and development of an itinerary response capable of meeting or exceeding their travel needs and dreams.   I am anxious to share my love of travel with a wider audience to rqise awareness of the joys travel can add to their lives.